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Flyff is a game based around parties for fast leveling. Unlike many other games solo play is not advisable. To solo in flyff would be rather easy. However without buffs your killing speed would be slowed down dramatically and more importantly without the advanced party bonus you are looking at least 50% exp loss per mob.

Level 1-15

Your vagrant levels the most boring. Unlike job change leveling as a vagrant does not give increased exp bonus with an advanced party. In fact the best way to level as a vagrant is with a ringmaster, commonly referred to as a rm. buffing you (haste, beef, heap up,) being the most important for a vagrant, will increase your kill speed dramatically. When being buffed to 15 I advise to put all points into strength to increase damage, the haste buff will give you the speed and accuracy you need for the low level mobs. Kill high level mobs at lvl 1 killing 1 puke puke will give you level 3 straight of the bat. Continue with the 7-8 levels above own level pattern until lvl 12.

At level 12 enter the Mas Dungeon. In here you can kill the mutant feferns for slightly double the exp of bangs, whose levels closely represent.

Without buffs

If leveling without buffs stick to mobs you are able to kill fast. Such as 3 levels above your level. NEVER kill mobs the same level as you, or under this is a waste of time as it cuts exp % on top of the fact that it’s a low level mob which already gives less exp.

Put all strength points until level 10. Once you start fighting lawolf you will finally get your first “miss” hit as lower level mobs you can’t miss on. Choose to continue adding strength or if you want to move onto feferns faster add dex until level 15.

Level 15-60

After doing job change quest you are able to reset your distributed points for free as well as your skills, which there was no real point in leveling anyway.

From now on you will ALLWAYS want to level inside of an advanced party. An advanced party is a party that has reached level 10. Once a party reaches level 10 and has been changed to advanced, it then gives party members more exp. To maximize exp the best way is to join a party that has 8 people (a full party.) In this party you will invite 1 friend who will level in the same area as you. Doing this you will both get bonus exp from being in the party? Make sure the other 6 party members are not in the same area as you. Or they will affect your exp.

Once you reach around level 30 buffs reliant classes will notice the dependant on buffs. While you have been leveling you should have been taking note of any full support assists you have seen through your travels. It is important as you progress through the game to add these people to your friends even if you have not spoken to them before. Of course explain why you are adding them, just tell them that if they ever need a partner you will be there for them. This means next time you log onto the game and need to level you can go through your list and find a partner rather than waiting in town or shouting for a partner which may even take hours…

It is important not to deny your often partners as they may not want to level with you and you may lose your friendship. You might suffer some exp gain by leveling with a regular client or friend, however it will be worth it in the long run as the other partners may not play as often or be not as skilled.


Once you have found your partner and are aware that they will be leveling with you for some time. I highly suggest going to server 4 arena and flying above on your board or outside the arena. Ask here for some buffs as politely as you can. Why here? Often high levels will be hanging out in the arena on server 4, therefore you will receive the best buffs quite possibly all maxed out buffs. Quickly return to your partner and tell them to make sure the buffs do not run out. If they keep rebuffing over the good buffs you will be leveling with maxed out level 20 buffs for possibly hours provided you don’t die.

With this method you will actually level faster than being plvled…

Mages are less reliant on buffs an assist should be able to buff themselves. Assists (future bp’s) in this case. Should do the method mentioned in the above paragraph and rebuff themselves. For mages and future bp’s you should level with another partner that is also fighting. This means you will get the advanced party bonus from each of your kills and you will also receive a portion of their kill.

Players should be fighting 6-8 levels above themselves. If a mage is with an assist, up to 10 levels is generally faster provided you stay alive. Why? Because the damage reeducation due to spells is a lot less than that off other classes when fighting higher-level mobs don’t ask why.

Level 60-120

You have the basics down by now and are well on your way to becoming max level. A few other things that will get you their faster:

* Elementing weapons. By adding an element to a weapon you will hit much higher.
* Dekane mines. Get in their as early as you can. As they give double exp to trees and watagnka’s given your level. (Similar to Mas dungeon vs. Bangs exp.) Fight in the pinkies room. Level 78 is the perfect level to go here. At around level 80-82 once you are able to kill them faster you will actually be leveling even faster.
* Worry about leveling over getting money. Believe me the cash will come to you once you’re higher so don’t worry too much now. As your leveling greens will drop which you can sell to players for a fortune. Its best to wait for the weapon your wishing you can buy then waste time killing giants aimlessly slowly increasing your income. Get on with it and level one green drop could be worth 50 times that of a white drop.


Don’t bother until you can solo it with a rm. Once you can do this make guild with only you and a rm friend. Kill it sell its loot unless it benefits you disband your guild and fight it in 3 days time.

Extra fast leveling class specific tips

At level 60 if you can afford restart to full stamina build.

Buy the cheap lvl 59-62 set from NPC. Put water element on the lvl 56 suit while you’re at lvl 60. Go to kerns. Put on crucio then run in circles and have your rm heal you. Stay here until 65 (4 hours or so.)

Level 62 put a fire element on your level 62 suit, fly to glaphans with your rm.

Fight the small glaphans in the area with non-red mobs (aggro’d mobs.)

Level 68 or so go to captain glaphans. When fighting avoid killing the aggro’s. Because they may spawn on top of you or your rm, thus killing you both.

If the red mob is in the center of the mobs then kill it until it is in the corner but level with precaution if you have killed it. Stay at glaphans until 78 and then move to mines. Make sure to gpro you suit for defense as at level 78 AOE’ing will be hard. If you have the money spro your suit up. No point doing this before you are high enough for mines as leveling is to fast to bother.


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