Initial D Arcade Stage 4(Did u play this game before?)

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Initial D Arcade Stage 4(Did u play this game before?)

Post  [GM]Mystic3lz on Tue Sep 22, 2009 3:57 pm

Did u play Initial D Arcade Stage 4 before?

With 32" wide LCD monitor and capability to output high resolution image of WXGA(1360 pixel×768 pixel), this new cabinet provides you the inflaming play of the quality.
Furthermore, introduced a steering wheel of new design modeling on real race spec with enhanced maneuverability. The cabinet also equips a state-of-the-art sound system for your superior entertainment experience.

Magnetic card used in the previous title is replaced to rewritable Player Data Card "Initial D license".
"My Character" face can be printed on an IC card to create a personalized license.
The illustration of "My Character" is in the same touch with the original manga --- makes you feel like being one of the Initial D characters.

Up to 3 cars registerable on one license.

Customize "Engine, Drive train", "Intake/Exhaust, Cooling System", "Suspension & Wheels", "Body" and "Electronic Components" by using the points you earned from racing.

A Video For a people play initial d arcade stage 4

Its made From Japan

Hope you will like it


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