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Post  [Head-GM]YyZz on Tue Sep 22, 2009 8:09 pm

This Is a Tutorial On Spesial Information About Our Server!~

How Do I Fix My Buggy Character:
-Yust Run The Loader/Patcher
-See At The Right Top Corner
-Klick The ''Character Fix''
-And Write Your Personal Option`s

Tutorial[Shop,Map] Lol111
(The Text Marked As Red Is The Fix,The Blue Is To Load The Game)

Diffrent Shop`s.

Tutorial[Shop,Map] Lol210
Our Miss FlyFF And Our Good Dancer! Very Happy

Tutorial[Shop,Map] Lol310
ItakStore!~Sell`s All Kinda Premium Item`s.

Tutorial[Shop,Map] Lol410
Jeff!~Selling 105 Weapon`s For All Diffren Job`s.

Tutorial[Shop,Map] Lol510
Wafor!~All Green Set`s[45-105]

Tutorial[Shop,Map] Lol610
Juria!~Sell`s Upgrade Item`s.

Tutorial[Shop,Map] Lol710
Isruel!~Selling Our Publiced Cash Shop Set`s.

Tutorial[Shop,Map] Lol810
Dior!~Selling our Broom`s And Board`s.

That Where Our Shop`s,Over To a Coral Island Help!

Coral Island!~
-Moved To Flaris
-40 - 60 Lvl Monster`s


Tutorial[Shop,Map] Lol1010
[The Place That Is Marked With Red Is Coral Island!]

Thakies For Viewing The Guide!~


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