GM Application Example!

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GM Application Example!

Post  [Head-GM]YyZz on Tue Sep 15, 2009 10:31 pm

Here`s The GM Application Example,Follow It When You Apply!

In-Game Name:
Timezone:(In GMT!!!)
Online Time:(Example: Im Online 4 Hour`s a day)
Experience:(Beeing a GM)

About Me:(Write Some Setten`s About Yourshelf.

Why Should I Be Choosed:

Why Do I Want To Become a GM:(Example: To Abuse The Power Very Happy )

eFlyFF Play Time: (Dosent Need To Be set).
eFlyFF Level: (Dosent Need To Be set).
FlyFFNitak Play Time: (Dosent Need To Be set).
FlyFFNitak Level: (Dosent Need To Be set).

Anything I Liked To Add:

Thankies For Reading The Example!


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