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Hello to everybody. Empty Hello to everybody.

Post  The Scene Kid on Thu Nov 05, 2009 2:51 am

Quickly before I say anything else, I just noticed the "Example" to introducing myself so here you go.

Name: Josh
In Game Name: TheSceneKid (Or anything to do with "Scene")
Age: 17
Location: England
E-mail: xxiScenexx@live.co.uk
Birthday: 19/10(October)/92
Hobbies: Erm. I'm not discussing personal issues. Not yet atleast.
Your Look: Erm, I guess you could call it "Scene" or atleast my own style.
Sex/Gender: Male, I haz a pen0r

About Me

Well where shall I start off. Well first of all my name is Josh, nice to meet you. I'm a guy, I'm 17, I live in the UK (United Kingdom) therefore making me British, and I can write and speak English perfectly. So if any of you guys, (Yes I've noticed most of you speak Tagalog or another language) need help with English feel free to let me know.
I'm new to the server, I've been playing around 24 hours as I type this. I'm a friendly guy once you get to know me, no I don't bite Razz
I hope to find a few friends on here as I've noticed the community is not large but not deserted so I hope to get involved as much as I can.

My Flyff Experience

I've been playing eFlyFF (European FlyFF) since around v7, I quit in v9 and have been on private server's ever since, I know quite a lot about FlyFF in general, so I'm not what you would call a "noob". The one thing I haven't done or experienced in FlyFF, is the 'Secret Room', 'Forsaken Tower' and I haven't sieged in quite a while.

I currently have a BP on the server, around lvl 115 I think, hopefully getting the equips to siege standard, and hopefully can rack up some points haha.

If you would like to get to know me more, please if you could atleast speak fluent English as this would help me dearly. You can of course add me on MSN Hotmail Messenger and of course Facebook;

My Facebook

That's it from me, I hope to get to know alot of you and make good friends with you all.

Josh x
The Scene Kid
The Scene Kid

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